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Jean Smart Daily <3
The JSDaily 1st Birthday Competition! 
9th-Nov-2008 07:53 pm
[smith] ever afters
I had every intention of posting this last night but then we had an electrical storm in my part of the world and for the sake of not losing my laptop to a blast of lightning down the phone line, I had to turn everything off.

Anyway, one day later we have the details of the one-off jsdaily competition to celebrate our first year on LJ.

Basically it's a graphics contest, but a total free for all in terms of the images you can use from the gallery.
You have the option of making one wallpaper or up to two icons of Jean with the only restriction being that the wallpaper will need to fit one of the standard desktop sizes (1024x768, 1200x800 etc. ) and the icons have to fit LJ's requirements.
Other than that, you can use anything from 24 to A Very Married Christmas via Last Summer at Bluefish Cove or this year's Emmys. There's plenty of images up at the gallery and with time and work permitting, we will be adding to it this week. There's still so much to add, but just not enough hours in the working week to do it and get sleep (damn you real life).

Oh and we have prizes, proper prizes. The type of prizes that require packing and postage.

Wallpaper Winner

First prize for the wallpaper winner is the very awesome DVD Box Set of Season Five of 24. It's Region 1 and brand new (no hand me down second hand stuff here people). Perfect for a 24 marathon, or if you already have it, a Christmas gift or to flog on ebay.

Icon Winner

First prize for the icon winner is the best of Designing Women DVD. Again, region 1.

And not to worry if you have a Region 2 or other coded DVD player, the VLC player or KM Player will pretty much play any region of DVD you throw at them on your PC.

So to summarize
- One wallpaper featuring Jean or two icons of her.
- If you enter the wallpaper contest, you can't enter an icon. It's only fair that we have two different winners.
- Use the gallery for your images.
- Wallpapers should fit at least one of the standard desktop sizes in use today. The icons must fit LJ's requirements (100x100 pixels and less than 40kb).
- When entering, post the url to your entry and either the actual icon image or a thumbnail to the wallpaper.
- You have until next Sunday (November 16th) to get your entries in.
And that's it! A bit of fun but with a cool prize or at least one Christmas present sorted.

Any questions, feel free to contact myself pageup or stashdrawer.
Also note that neither Valerie or myself will be entering.

*For those who don't have a graphics program and want to enter, you might want to try Gimp. It's free and fairly similar to PSP or PS. You can also find some helpful tutorials at icon_tutorial using their memories system.
9th-Nov-2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
OH snap. This is quite the challenge. I'm shooting for the icons, me thinks!
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