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community devoted to the actress Jean Smart~ information, media, and more!
Community Information
Welcome to jsdaily, a community in which you will find the latest news, media, and information about the actress, Jean Smart. All posts with the exception of Mod!Posts are flocked. Please join to see the rest.

Your moderators are pageup (Tess) and stashdrawer (Valerie).
Community Rules
ONE. Stay on topic. "On Topic" includes anything Jean-related, such as reviews, interviews, articles, icons (no more than three above a cut), fanfiction (character fiction only, ie: 24), and spoilers (behind a cut with clear warnings!).

TWO. No bashing Jean. That's an obvious one. You can criticize and debate her characters, but not the actress.

THREE. No posting of copyrighted content. This means no downloadable links to TV shows and movies that she has been in. A quick YouTube clip is fine, but nothing more. LJ can and will shut us down if they find out, so this rule is enforced with the three-strikes rule.

FOUR. Don't pimp your own communities. If your community has something in common with ours, PM a maintainer to discuss becoming affiliates.

FIVE. No stalker-like behavior. We do not know Ms. Smart. Please do not discuss her as if you do.

SIX. Do not repost any screencaps, images, or scans without permission. What we post here is a result of our own efforts (screencapping, scans) and we do not want it leaving the community. Doing so is grounds for removal from the community.
This is an unofficial fansite community. We are not affiliated with Ms Smart, her family or management in any way, so all messages directed to her will be deleted. No copyright infringement is intended. If you have any concerns, please contact one of the mods before taking any legal action. Thank you!
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